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Brandon Mazumder has been performing since the age of 9. He started his singing career with the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra singing at the Symphony Hall. He is an accomplished musician playing Keyboards, Alto Saxophone, Guitar & Drums and has gained invaluable experience performing with other tributes/bands such as: The James Brown Experience, The Blue Brothers (Black Rhino Band) and currently the Marks Brothers, touring across the UK in numerous theatres & prestigious venues.

Brandon has has been influenced by all time greats like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, to current icons,  Justin Timberlake & of course Bruno Mars. Brandon & Bruno have a lot in common apart from those boyish good looks; they are great singers, songwriters & superb showmen, making this the most natural transition for Brandon to take.

The Bruno Mars Tribute show is backed by the fantastic MB’s band, which sets this show in a whole new league of entertainment, not only a mix of the best of Bruno Mars but also, a blend of the greatest Soul & Funk delivering a taste of old skool classics right up to the present day tunes!







FAREHAM VEGAN FESTIVAL Saturday May 26th at Ferneham Hall click below for secure tickets 

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